Business and Industry Operators

Your business can improve the health of our rivers and watersheds through better energy utilization, materials handling and waste management.

Communities depend on balancing quality of life and economic activity. In southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee, our communities and businesses derive multiple benefits from the Clinch and Powell rivers including scenic beauty, outdoor recreation, and international recognition of biodiversity, to help recruit employees, retain residents and deepen the strong cultural connections many residents have with our lands and waters.

  • Reduce waste materials in effluents and landfill-bound trash to help keep stream or river segments off the state Impaired Waters list and help meet TMDL load requirements. You will not only improve water quality for fish and mussels, but also your prospects for future effluent permit applications.
  • Implement voluntary BMPs on your business properties to create economic benefits through community loyalty and support, while reducing stress on streams and rivers.
  • Conserve energy to lower power bills, reduce maintenance costs, and provide additional opportunities for your company.


For additional ideas, information or assistance, consult the following:

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