Simple changes in farm management make a huge difference!
    • Plant and maintain streamside buffers (or “riparian buffers”) to reduce erosion and keep fertilizer and animal waste out of streams. We recommend at least a 50-foot-wide planting of native trees and shrubs along streams.
    • Fence livestock away from streams and provide them with clean alternative water sources. Keeping bacteria and sediment out of streams will improve the health of livestock, people, and the streams.
    • Adopt best management practices (BMPs) to conserve and protect soil and water. Your livestock, your wallet and our water quality all will benefit in the long run.
    • Develop a manure management plan for areas where animals concentrate. It is better for herd health and water quality.
    • Have soil tested and use fertilizer at calculated application rates to prevent runoff and avoid wasting hard-earned money.
    • Avoid dumping anything in sinkholes which can pollute groundwater and ultimately surface waters. Remember, this groundwater may be your well water or your neighbor’s.
    • Avoid filling or clearing wet areas as these naturally filter and retain water runoff, reducing sedimentation and flooding.

To learn more, or for technical and financial assistance with these and other BMPs, please contact the following:

USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service

Abingdon Service Center 
448 Commerce Drive
Abingdon,VA 24211-3829
(276) 628-8186

Lebanon Service Center 
140 Highland Drive
Lebanon, VA 24266-4632
(276) 889-4650

Gate City Service Center 
369 Gateway Plaza, STE 101
Gate City, VA 24251-3811
(276) 386-3951

Jonesville Service Center 
Ag Service Center
Highway 58 W
Jonesville, VA 24263
(276) 346-1531

North Tazewell Service Center
117 Dial Rock Rd.
North Tazewell, VA 24630
(276) 988-9014

Rogersville Service Center
1401 E. Main St.
Rogersville, TN 37857-2946
(423) 272-0217

Tazewell Service Center
2178 Highway 25E
Tazewell, TN 37879-3823
(423) 626-3811 ext. 3

Local Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Clinch Valley (276) 889-4650 Ext. 3
Holston River (276) 628-8187
Lonesome Pine (276) 926-6621
Scott (276) 386-9241 Ext. 3
Tazewell (276) 988-9588

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation/Division of Soil and Water

Abingdon Office
355 Deadmore Street
Abingdon, VA 24210
(276) 676-5528