We invite you to explore additional information about the Clinch-Powell River system:

The Nature Conservancy has been working for over twenty years to protect the Clinch and Powell River system. For more information:

Virginia Tech has a long-standing interest in freshwater mussels and the health of the Clinch River. For more information:

The United State Geological Survey implements scientific research and conducts ecological monitoring of the Clinch River system. For more information:

The Clinch River Valley Initiative (CRVI) is a pioneering effort to build local economies in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia, focusing on enhancing the Clinch River as public recreational assett.  For more information:

Healthy Watersheds Programs — While other programs focus on restoring impaired waters, the Healthy Watersheds Initiative augments the watershed approach with proactive, holistic aquatic ecosystem conservation and protection.  For more information: