planting mussels

Science Team

The Science Team provides a focus and coordinates targeted scientific research to better characterize changes in the condition of aquatic communities, particularly declining mussel populations in certain sections of river, and improve our understanding of what factors drive those changes.

For a current description of recent scientific investigations and proposed work for 2014-2017, please click here.


    • Braven Beaty (chair), The Nature Conservancy
    • Carl Zipper, Virginia Tech
    • Jess Jones US Fish and Wildlife Service
    • Annie Lawrence, Virginia Tech
    • Brian Evans, US Fish and Wildlife Service
    • Jen Krstolic Rapp, US Geological Survey
    • Ken Hyer, US Geological Survey
    • Mike Pinder, Virginia Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries
    • Stephen Schoenholtz, Virginia Tech
    • Steve Alexander, US Fish and Wildlife Service
    • Sally Palmer, The Nature Conservancy
    • Beverly Brown, Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation
    • Rachel Muir, US Geological Survey
    • Teresa Frazier, Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality
    • Bill Henley, Virginia Tech
    • Greg Cope, North Carolina State University
    • Paul Angermeier, US Geological Survey
    • Craig Walker, Office of Surface Mining
    • Craig Lott, Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality
    • Ian Dye, Office of Surface Mining
    • Roger Stewart, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
    • Jennifer Archambault, North Carolina State University
    • Jordan Richards, US Fish and Wildlife Services
    • Brett Osby, Daguna Consulting
    • Martha Chapman, VA Department of Environmental Quality
    • Frank Borsuk, US Environmental Protection Agency
    • Greg Johnson, US Geological Survey
    • Richard Davis, VA Dept of Mines, Minerals and Energy
    • Stephanie Chance, US Fish and Wildlife Service
    • Rob Lindbom, TN Wildlife Resource Agency
    • Wil Orndorff, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
    • Serena Ciparis, US Fish and Wildlife Service
    • Shelley Williams, Alpha Natural Resources
    • Sherry Wang, TN Department of Education and Conservation
    • Susan Lingenfeiser, US Fish and Wildlife Service