Who We Are

The Clinch-Powell Clean Rivers Initiative is an ambitious two-state 3oct07 Wallen's Bend Clinch Rvr JL 283river coalition that works to protect and restore water quality in North America’s most important river for rare and imperiled freshwater animals. We are a diverse group of agencies, research scientists, conservation organizations, and industry leaders.
  • participating_organizations3Broad range of expertise, experience and responsibilities: CPCRI capitalizes on the expertise of biologists, hydrogeologists, water quality specialists, stream restoration practitioners, education and outreach professionals, coal mining reclamation professionals and coal mining process professionals.
  • Diverse membership: Members of the CPCRI include representatives from state and federal agencies, private business interests, academia, and non-profit conservation organizations. The CPCRI openly invites any organization—including local governments, additional private industries and political representatives—that wants to contribute to the conservation of the Clinch and Powell rivers to join and play an active roleThe following organizations have played an active role to date: